Just say No

So Jeremy Corbyn has been re-elected as leader of the Labour Party, a man who is arguably Britain’s best hope induce a modicum of respect into a political system currently viewed with such disdain by the majority of the population.

A year or so ago this man caused an outcry of opposition for daring to suggest that if he were Prime Minister he would never fire a nuclear weapon.

Let’s just think about that for a minute. People were genuinely upset with him for not wanting to fire a nuclear weapon. NOT wanting to fire a nuclear weapon. A Nuclear Weapon. Nuclear.

On the other side of the world we see Kim Jong-Un grinning like the a Cheshire Cat as he manically presses his Fisher Price ‘My First Nuclear Launch Button’. Clapping like a fat kid seeing a birthday cake at the sight of vast wasteland being reduced to…erm… glowing vast wasteland by the resultant explosion. Is this what we’d prefer? If Jeremy came out and said he couldn’t want to get his sweaty palms on that big launch button and start wiping out the planet?!

I for one, do not feel comfortable living in a world where willingness to launch a missile that can kill a million people and ruin land for generations is a trait that we want in our leader. If all world leaders stated they would never fire one then we’d all live in a much safer place.

And I don’t accept the argument that we need a nuclear arsenal for defence either. If Putin were to launch a nuclear attack on London tomorrow I still disagree that a proportional response is to send a nuke of our own to destroy millions of their innocent civilians. That would almost certainly trigger the end of days.

We live on an island, we should have a huge navy and the most sophisticated air defence system money can buy. We should not have nuclear weapons sat in submarines in Scotland.