Knox Knox… Part Two

Okay, so I said previously that I had seen a BBC documentary on Amanda Knox and thought she was totally guilty… well I’ve now watched the Netflix programme too. And my opinion hasn’t changed.

Whilst I can appreciate the reasons why her guilty verdict was overturned (the possible contamination of DNA evidence, the lack of organisation and professionalism of the Perugia investigation, the pressurised statements, the media witch hunt), I can’t help but still feel like this is murder equivalent of getting away with a speeding fine because the camera that caught you hadn’t been re-calibrated in a timely fashion – Knox’s solicitor is basically Mr Loophole.

I think she and Sollecito tried to get Kercher to have kinky sex and when she said no she encouraged Sollecito to kill her. Rudy Guede was having a massive shit during this and legged it when he came out and saw the scene. I don’t think he saw who did it but made up seeing Knox when it was clear she was involved.

Whilst I have never been pressurised by Italian police, I find it hard to believe that this would lead me to change my story when I know it to be the truth. Knox said she saw Lumumba when she probably saw Guede briefly after they had killed Kercher so thought she was setting him up perfectly. When she got this wrong she had to back track her story and say she wasn’t really there after all – despite Sollecito now saying Knox hadn’t stayed the night after all.

But the biggest thing that makes me doubt her innocence is the fact she claims she came home, saw her door wide open, possible break in, and instead of ringing the police, she jumped in the shower – ignoring the blood in the sink, the blood on the bath mat, and the massive dump in the toilet.

Will she kill again? No. Is she a threat to society? No, I don’t think so. Will her next boyfriend be found in a cupboard asphyxiwanking? Quite likely. The point I want to make, and one that I wish to evidence in my next post also, is not guilty does not mean innocent.

Amanda Knox is, once and for all, not guilty and I accept this. There were errors in her case, evidence against her is inadmissible, and there isn’t enough to prosecute her. However, this does not mean she is innocent. This will never be proven.